Welcome to my first blog!  If you’ve read my bio, resume, or seen some of the other content on my site, you now have a better idea of who I am, hopefully. You can find quite a bit more on my LinkedIn profile as well.

As a busy Healthcare Executive and Chief Information Officer, I do have some time to do get involved in projects and activities outside of work.  Currently, I sit on two boards. The first is a successful start up company in the food industry, and I also serve as a board member on the HITECH Advisory Board at Johnson County Community College. I have been part of other advisory boards as well, and enjoy my time contributing to leadership and technology initiatives, especially here locally in Kansas City.

As a father of three brilliant young adults, I coach and encourage my kids around their work and college lives.  Coincidentally, my kids are also involved in technology and healthcare. As in my first blog, I do provide updates on their careers as well.

I do stay current in technology and tinker with new gadgets. Most notably web, digital, blockchain, AI, and security technologies (this website was built by me!).

Of course one must stay well balanced in a busy life.  I exercise regularly, and am currently pursuing my 3rd Degree Black belt in Taekwondo and 1st Degree Black belt in Hapkido.  Time permitting, I continue to advance my status as a national/international certified USAT referee, where I will be able to eventually be able to be a referee in the Olympics.

If there is anything you might be interested in, please let me know.  You can follow me on social media, read my many contributions on some of the top-tier technology publications. Free free to contact me HERE.