Teresa CollinsI have had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Brian as a peer on our Executive Team.  As a leader, he is superb at pulling resources together on a moment’s notice to address crucial customer or patient related matters.  His ability to come up with both short-term solutions and long-term strategies for the organization is extraordinary.  Not only does he possess a high level of technical knowledge, but is very clear when he communicates to the business on business matters.  His compassion, customer service, responsiveness, and commitment are truly second-to-none.  Brian is one of the easiest people to work with and is very accountable. He would complement any team or organization. I would enjoy the opportunity to work with him again, and have tried a few times to recruit him to some of my new teams. ~ Teresa Collins

Teresa Collins has a illustrious career in Healthcare in and around the Kansas City area. Most notably as a Chief Nursing Officer for 20 years.  Most recently, she joined Cabe Consulting, who took over Rock Regional Hospital as the new management team for the hospital and the group then installed Teresa Collins as interim CEO at Rock Regional effective April 6, 2020.

Since those changes went into effect in early April, a major focus for both Collins and the new management group has been working out the Derby hospital’s current financial situation – relating both to COVID-19 and overall operations.

Cabe Consulting CEO Kevin Hicks reached out to Collins given their previous work history, as Collins noted she spent four years as a Chief Nursing Officer reporting to Hicks and has known him for 20 years. Most recently, Collins – who has 39 years in the health care industry and 33 as a registered nurse – served as President of the St. Luke’s Community hospitals in Kansas City.